Penguins at St Kilda Pier

Now that Nat and I have settled in to our apartment and work we’ve started discovering the sights around Melbourne.  Off of the St Kilda Pier at sunset there is a group of… Continue reading

Arriving in Melbourne

Upon completing our trip up to Darwin we contemplated a few ways of getting to our original destination, Melbourne.  After our year of travel and the three weeks of living out of a… Continue reading

Litchfield National Park

Crossing from Western Australia into the Northern Territories we experienced yet another climate shift from dry and arid to humid and tropical.  We began running out of time to return our rental and… Continue reading

The landscape of Western Australia

In the three weeks of our journey up the west coast of Australia we covered 6000km and watched the landscape change from rugged cliffs to flatlands to gorges to desert to the tropical… Continue reading

Birds of Western Australia

One of the things that has most surprised and impressed us in Australia is the variety of birds that can be found everywhere you look.  The most common pigeons and crows have strange… Continue reading

The gorges of Karijini

The wine-red soil and yellow bushes of Karijini National Park make a colourful foreground for numerous plunging gorges.  We spent our first day in the park visiting the massive Dales gorge on a… Continue reading

Camping the West Coast

Australia has a reputation for being a very costly country to travel. Food, accommodation and fuel are all more expensive than in Canada but nevertheless it is still possible to see the outback… Continue reading

Exmouth; Diving the Navy Pier

On arriving in Exmouth we immediately signed up for a (very expensive) dive at the Navy Pier and rented some snorkeling equipment to explore Ningaloo reef off the western coast. The reef system… Continue reading

Kalbarry National Park

One of our first stops was the Kalbarry National Park 650km north of Perth. We spent a full day hiking and stopping along the coast to see the beautiful red sandstone cliffs and… Continue reading

Australian roadtrip

We arrived in Perth and immediatly began looking for work.  After finding some not so interesting opportunities, we decided that instead of working, we would begin an epic roadtrip.  We will be heading… Continue reading

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