Aoraki Mount Cook National Park

After five months of working in Melbourne, we boarded a plane headed for Christchurch New Zealand.  We arrived one week ago and were welcomed by lovely couchsurfing hosts with whom we went salsa… Continue reading

HDR (High dynamic range) photography

Nat and I are preparing for the next leg of our journey, one month in New Zealand from Christchurch to Auckland by campervan, and are excited to fly in a couple of days. … Continue reading

Long exposure photography

I have recently made several additions to my photography kit including a remote shutter release, a 9-stop neutral density filter (piece of black glass designed to allow long shutter speeds in broad daylight,… Continue reading

Melbourne’s Graffiti

Part of the colour and feel of Melborne’s more interesting neighbourhoods is the street art that can be found on almost every corner.  There are several huge murals in the city and some… Continue reading


Melbourne is a vibrant city full of emerging artists, excellent coffee shops and brimming with energy. Melbourne has been ranked the world’s most livable city for the past two years by the Economics… Continue reading

Possums in the Park

There’s a park near our house that comes alive each night with hundreds of bats taking wing and dozens of possums who emerge to look for food.  These small marsupial animals are native… Continue reading

A collection of travel and other books

Over the past year one of our main hobbies while travelling was reading.  We’ve picked up a number of books throughout our trip, some about the countries we’ve visited, some historical, some because… Continue reading

Extraordinary voyages

Over the past year we’ve met many people on many different kinds of trips, but of everyone we’ve met there are a couple of fascinating people who really stood out. One of the… Continue reading

New Year in Melbourne

Happy New Year to everyone!  This year Nat and I celebrated by the Yarra River in Melbourne.  There were several fireworks displays two over the river and one from the tops of several… Continue reading

Long-term travel budgeting and other tips

Many people are deterred from thoughts of long-term travel because they believe they will never be able to afford it.  It is a common misconception that travelling for a year or more has… Continue reading

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