Last day in Indonesia

On our second round of visiting Indonesia we travelled the central islands of Bali and Java.  Bali was gorgeous but more difficult to travel because of the massive tourism boom.  It was difficult… Continue reading


Our trip to Borobudur began at 4:00am from Jogjakarta.  We had rented a motorcycle from the guesthouse the night before and took it out in the morning as all the mosques began the… Continue reading

Wayang Kulit

Wayang kulit is a traditional Javanese art in the form of shadow puppetry.  This art form is thought to have migrated to Indonesia with Hinduism about 2000 years ago.  The stories told in… Continue reading

Batik painting

We travelled from Bali to Java’s cultural center, Jogjakarta.  This fascinating city has long been the stronghold for the artistic traditions of the world’s most populated island.  We spent ten days in the… Continue reading

Barong and Keris

One of our favourite gamelan and dance-dramas was the story of Barong and Keris.  This dance is a portrayal of the conflict between good and evil.  The protector spirit Barong (above) fights the… Continue reading

The Ramayana Epic

The Ramayana epic is an ancient Hindu tale written by the poet Valmiki in the 5th century BCE.  The most performed part of the epic is the story of Rama and his beautiful… Continue reading

Balinese dances

One of our main activities in Ubud was going to see gamelan concerts and dance-drama performances.  These colourful events Puspa Wresti (Welcome Dance) This dance represents the joyful reception of god for a… Continue reading

Ubud: Bali’s artistic heart

Bali has a long history of the arts and Hindu culture.  In the early 16th century with the rise of Islam in Java, many Javanese royalty fled to Bali – at this point… Continue reading

Ancient Hindu Festival in Melaka

Our second day back in Melaka we were fortunate enough to see a very ancient Hindu festival taking place.  The procession began at 8:00 in the morning and started at one temple where… Continue reading

Exotic animals of Eastern Australia

The Laughing Kookaburra is found along the eastern side of Australia and is named for it’s distinctive call which sounds more like a cackle than a laugh.  The wings have an iridescent blue… Continue reading

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