Day 9: Johnston Canyon Campground, 4464.2 km

For our trip through the beginning of the Rockies the weather was uninspiring.  We had cloud and scattered rain for two days while trying to visit Banff National Park.  We also somehow ended… Continue reading

Day 8: Bow Valley Provincial Park, 4297.8 km

In our final stretch of prairie driving we crossed most of Alberta; the land of cheap fuel and huge trucks.  Taking the Calgary bypass we witnessed miles and miles of cookie-cutter new development… Continue reading

Day 7: Grasslands National Park, 3679.4 km

At dawn we packed up camp and began our drive through Grasslands National Park.  The park is a huge expanse of prairie in the same state as the first settlers would have seen… Continue reading

Day 6: Val Marie, 3374.6 km

Saskatchewan is called the land of the living skies.  The endless horizon and rolling grass hills are a magnificent stage for the ever-changing clouds.  While crossing the province we diverged from the cross-Canada… Continue reading

Day 5: Redvers Saskatchewan, 2816.6 km

On our fifth day we went through Winnipeg Manitoba and stopped for a few hours to pick up some warmer clothes at Mountain Equipment Co-op.  We then crossed southern Manitoba and just into… Continue reading

Day 4: Prawda Manitoba, 2325.3 km

Today we finally crossed the border into Manitoba.  We tried to camp at a few provincial parks but learned that all the provincial parks in the country are generally booked out 6 months… Continue reading

Day 3: Upsala Ontario, 1856.8 km

Our third day of crossing Canada we were still in Northern Ontario.  We saw many moose crossing signs but unfortunately no actual moose.  There were also warning signs for deer and Mennonites whom… Continue reading

Day 2: Marathon Ontario, 1367.0km

After five days in Blind River we began our second day of driving.  Having forgotten our tent and sleeping bags we made a two hour stop at the Canadian tire in Sault Ste.… Continue reading

Day 1: Blind River Ontario, 756.0 km

Our first day of driving was a ten hour stretch through central Ontario from Kingston to Blind River.  We stopped at our cottage there for five days to rest and visit relatives.  The… Continue reading

Crossing Canada

Arriving back in Canada we spent some time in Kingston Ontario visiting relatives and loading up a van for the 5400km drive from Eastern Ontario to Vancouver.  Our first leg of the trip… Continue reading

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