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Sweet, salty, spicy, sour

Of all the things we enjoyed in Thailand, the cuisine took the cake.  Thai food, though bold and powerful, is remarkably well balanced.  Cooking is a big part of Thai culture.  There are… Continue reading

Karen long neck tribe

We took a trip through the mountains to the lovely border city of Mae Hong Son.  Nestled in the mountains close to the Burmese border this city is built around a small but… Continue reading

Pai: Thailand’s hippy enclave

We arrived by train to the bustling  northern city of Chiang Mai and quickly decided we wanted to go somewhere smaller.  Thailand has felt a little bit more like a western-style vacation and… Continue reading

Temples of ancient Thailand

Over the past four days Nat and I have been visiting historical towns in central Thailand on our way north to Chiang Mai.  We visited Ayutthaya, the former capital of Thailand, and are… Continue reading

Not so Lonely Beach

We decided to take a detour to Ko Chang (a large multi-beach island near the Cambodian border) to recuperate from our 5 months in India.  We stayed on Lonely Beach, the supposed backpacker… Continue reading


We have arrived in Bangkok Thailand, the beginning of our south-east Asian circuit.  For the first time we’re trying couchsurfing, a networking website made for travellers looking to meet local people in the… Continue reading

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