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Vancouver Island and the Westernmost border of Canada

After unloading everything in Vancouver we went to pick up my parents who had travelled across Canada by train to reclaim their van.  They invited us to come with them to Vancouver Island… Continue reading

Cross-Canada roadtrip

Here is the map of our trip across Canada with all the places we stopped.  A total of 5419km, 60+ hours of driving and miles of trees, rocks, lakes, grasslands and mountains.  We… Continue reading

Day 12: Vancouver British Columbia, 5419.0km

Travelling down the final curves of the mountain road we came from Revelstoke to the Okanagan where we made of few stops for some local fruit, ripe cherries and wine.  We had originally… Continue reading

Day 11: Revelstoke British Columbia, 4813.7km

Coming out of Glacier National Park after a full day of hiking we managed to get to Revelstoke in time for a shower at the community center and dinner at a local cafe. … Continue reading

Day 10: Glacier National Park, 4722.1 km

We wound through the mountains from Alberta to British Columbia and finally broke through the clouds at around 4:00pm.  At 6:00pm we pulled into the information center of Glacier National Park.  This park… Continue reading

Day 9: Johnston Canyon Campground, 4464.2 km

For our trip through the beginning of the Rockies the weather was uninspiring.  We had cloud and scattered rain for two days while trying to visit Banff National Park.  We also somehow ended… Continue reading

Day 8: Bow Valley Provincial Park, 4297.8 km

In our final stretch of prairie driving we crossed most of Alberta; the land of cheap fuel and huge trucks.  Taking the Calgary bypass we witnessed miles and miles of cookie-cutter new development… Continue reading

Day 7: Grasslands National Park, 3679.4 km

At dawn we packed up camp and began our drive through Grasslands National Park.  The park is a huge expanse of prairie in the same state as the first settlers would have seen… Continue reading

Day 6: Val Marie, 3374.6 km

Saskatchewan is called the land of the living skies.  The endless horizon and rolling grass hills are a magnificent stage for the ever-changing clouds.  While crossing the province we diverged from the cross-Canada… Continue reading

Day 5: Redvers Saskatchewan, 2816.6 km

On our fifth day we went through Winnipeg Manitoba and stopped for a few hours to pick up some warmer clothes at Mountain Equipment Co-op.  We then crossed southern Manitoba and just into… Continue reading

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