Vancouver Island and the Westernmost border of Canada

Tall trees on Vancouver Island

After unloading everything in Vancouver we went to pick up my parents who had travelled across Canada by train to reclaim their van.  They invited us to come with them to Vancouver Island so we headed over for the last part of our trip to the westernmost border of southern Canada.  The mountainous island road took us longer than we expected and we turned up in Tofino after dark to a chorus of “no vacancy” signs.  We backtracked up the coast until we reached the foggy little town of Ucluelet.  We got the last room in town (actually, it was an entire house) and the friendly hotel owner called a late night restaurant asking them to stay open just a little longer for us.  The restaurant was co-owned by two chefs, one specializing in southern barbecue the other in seafood.  We tried the seafood pasta and dry-rubbed ribs which were both excellent and with a warm environment, an extra friendly waitress and good music we were very content with our choice to stay in Ucluelet as opposed to the more touristy Tofino.

The Pacific coast

Over the next few days we took several walks along the shore and down the many trails, past mossy trees in strange formations.  Beyond moody lighthouses the rocky coast vanished into the fog and felt like it had dropped off the edge of the world into nothing.

Funny trees