Day 3: Upsala Ontario, 1856.8 km

Moose danger sign

Our third day of crossing Canada we were still in Northern Ontario.  We saw many moose crossing signs but unfortunately no actual moose.  There were also warning signs for deer and Mennonites whom – unlike the moose – we actually saw riding their horse and buggy down the highway.

Watch for mennonites on horse and buggy sign

Because it was still cold and raining we decided not to camp and stayed the night at a motel in the strange little town of Upsala.  The motel owner answered the door with an Adam’s family like stare and insisted that we provide photocopies of our ID and license plate number if we wanted to pay cash for the room (we felt we must be on a convict escape route).  Despite our creepy and – we suspected – highly religious host we survived the night and left as soon as we could the next morning in the hopes of finally crossing the Ontario-Manitoba border.