Day 2: Marathon Ontario, 1367.0km

After five days in Blind River we began our second day of driving.  Having forgotten our tent and sleeping bags we made a two hour stop at the Canadian tire in Sault Ste. Marie to pick up some new ones.  The weather had turned from sun to rain a few days before so the road was slow going.  That night camping we stayed in Marathon Ontario by lake Superior and tested out our new tent in heavy rain and strong winds.  Apart from freezing in our $15 sleeping bags we survived the night and managed to stay dry (fortunately we decided on the $70 rain-proof tent as opposed to the $40 “rain-resistant” one).  Lake Superior is the largest of the great lakes.  The 12 100 cubic km of water in lake Superior is enough to flood the entire continents of North and South America under a foot (30cm) of water.  It also contains 10% of the world’s fresh surface water.  This lake is so huge that it creates it’s own weather systems which, as we learned, included lots of wind, rain and fog.  The one upside to our adventure was that the heavy rains had swelled the multitude of lakes and rivers causing some very beautiful waterfalls.  With the help of some local advice we located a powerful waterfall just outside of Marathon where we stopped for a couple hours to take pictures.

Waterfall near Marathon Ontario

Waterfall with iron sediment

Top of the waterfall