Last day in Indonesia

On our second round of visiting Indonesia we travelled the central islands of Bali and Java.  Bali was gorgeous but more difficult to travel because of the massive tourism boom.  It was difficult to reach out of the way places mainly because most people wouldn’t tell us the local prices and insisted that the only way to get anywhere was a tour, taxi or private driver.  Despite what we were told we managed to find local transport all across Bali but it was more a of hassle with many drivers leaving us on the side of the road when we refused to pay the inflated fare.  We moved on to Java and met friendlier, more helpful people and lower prices.  The culture in the places we visited is very much a living culture and the performances we saw are first for the gods, second for the locals and last for the tourists.  Indonesia is a beautiful country and we look forward to returning to visit the more remote islands of the expansive nation.

Here is a map of the places we visited on this leg of our Indonesian exploration.