The Ramayana Epic

The Ramayana epic is an ancient Hindu tale written by the poet Valmiki in the 5th century BCE.  The most performed part of the epic is the story of Rama and his beautiful wife Sita.  Sita is abducted by the demon king Rahwana and taken to the Kingdom of Alengka.  Rama, with the help of his brother Lakshmana, the warrior monkey Hanuman and his monkey troupe, goes to fight to retrieve Sita.  After an epic battle, the demon King Rahwana is killed and Rama and Sita are happily reunited.
We had the opportunity to see this story performed by smaller dance troupes in Bali as well as in Yogyakarta by a group of over two hundred dancers.  The second performance was done on an open stage in front of the ancient Hindu temples of Prambanan.

Demon King Rahwana

Jatayu trying to rescue Sita

Trijata comforting Sita

Hanuman burning the garden of Alengka