Balinese dances

Balinese dancersOne of our main activities in Ubud was going to see gamelan concerts and dance-drama performances.  These colourful events

Puspa Wresti (Welcome Dance)Puspa Wresti (Welcome Dance)
This dance represents the joyful reception of god for a temple celebration.  Performed at the beginning of a show by a number of young girls, the dance is meant to welcome the audience with appreciation and peace.
Telek DanceTelek
Dancers wearing white masks perform this dance illustrating the battle between virtue and vice.  Derived from the ancient India epic Ramayana and Mahabharata, this dance depicts the traditional Balinese view that everything has two sides; that the world is knit together with two opposing elements.
Legong DanceLegong
Legong is a traditional Balinese dance originally performed in the palace courtyard to entertain the king.  There are several stories that can be enacted but it is always performed by young female dancers in colourful outfits with elaborate headdresses.  The dance is characterized by intricate finger movements, expressive gestures and exaggerated eye movements.
Cendrawasih DanceCendrawasih
This dance portrays the Cendrawasih, a beautiful bird of paradise.  The dancers enact the displays, behaviours and arrogance of these birds in traditional Balinese fashion.

Panji Semirang DancePanji Semirang
This is the story of a princess who changes her name and cuts her hair because her husband has married another woman.  She pretends to be a man and goes to live in the forest followed by her helpers.

Kelinci (Rabbit Dance)Kelinci (Rabbit Dance)
This dance created by a graduate of the Academy of Performing Arts was designed to convey the cuteness of rabbits.  It is performed by young girls and is very cute.