The Catlins

Waterfall in the Catlins

Our second week in New Zealand we have been travelling in the Catlins, the southernmost tip of the south island.  This part of New Zealand is full of rolling hills, miles of coast and innumerable waterfalls.  We stayed for two days in Owaka with Suzanne, the mother of one of Nat’s coworkers.  It was so nice to sleep in a bed and have access to power and internet again.  Suzanne has a small run for hens and a fruit and vegetable garden that she maintains.  She was kind enough to give us some of her freshly grown tomatoes, potatoes and garlic so that we wouldn’t have to eat the Chinese garlic we bought (or the canned tomatoes).  There are several places to see around Owaka including a 55 meter long blow hole located 200 meters from the coast, an attractive lighthouse on Nugget Point and colonies of seals, sea lions and the very rare and shy yellow eyed penguin.  After Owaka we travelled down around to the west coast passing several waterfalls and the very unusual petrified forest; a beach full of 170 million year old fossilized wood which is extremely rare as wood generally breaks down much too quickly to be fossilized.

Fall colours and mist in the pond

Lighthouse on Nugget Point

Purakanui falls

The Southern Ocean as seen from the Catlins