Possums in the Park

There’s a park near our house that comes alive each night with hundreds of bats taking wing and dozens of possums who emerge to look for food.  These small marsupial animals are native to Australia, New Guinea and Sulawesi.  They are nocturnal and sleep in hollows in the trees during the day.  The possum below was still up at dawn and waiting for me to leave so he could get back to his own tree to sleep.

Possom in the morning

These possums are used to people and are fed a variety of fruit and organic oats nightly by the local hippies.  We thought we’d help out too and try to get some pictures as well.IMG_5993 copy

Possums are generally very tame and although their claws look dangerous, they are quite gentle with them.  They have small teeth which also can’t do much harm and will eat right from your hand without hurting you.  It is miraculous though that they continue to survive as a species as they appear to be mostly blind, even and night, and don’t seem to have a great sense of smell either.  If Nat threw a piece of food close to their feet, they would continue approaching, stepping right over it toward his hand thinking the food was still there.IMG_6098 copy

This mother and baby observed us as they waited for their nightly meal.