Arriving in Melbourne

Upon completing our trip up to Darwin we contemplated a few ways of getting to our original destination, Melbourne.  After our year of travel and the three weeks of living out of a van we were tired and becoming quite broke.  We tried to find some cheap relocations to Alice Springs then Adelaide then Melbourne but they didn’t pan out and as our money got lower we decided to postpone the second part of our trip to Uluru and fly first to Melbourne to work.

In the past three weeks Nat and I have managed to find jobs and an apartment in a nice area of the city.  We also got ourselves some bikes which we’re learning how to fix and tune at Ceres Bike Shed, a community resource centre that hopes to promote biking by teaching people how to repair and maintain their own bikes.  I have been volunteering at Lentils as Anything, a restaurant based on the idea that if people are given the chance to help other they will.  This restaurant features a sliding scale menu with no prices on it and people eating there are free to pay whatever they want/can for a meal.  I have been doing barista work and learning how to make espresso coffee there.

Our new apartment is in Carlton North about 40 minutes by walk from the business district of the city and about 30 minutes from where we work.  Our roommates are wonderful fine arts students who very generously furnished our room for us and with whom we often stay up late having great conversations.

As soon as we settle in to a regular work schedule we plan to sniff out the local arts and music scene as well as possibly some dance lessons and good cafes (available in abundance), libraries and markets.