Litchfield National Park

Crossing from Western Australia into the Northern Territories we experienced yet another climate shift from dry and arid to humid and tropical.  We began running out of time to return our rental and deciding not to risk another 4-wheel drive road with our 2-wheel drive van in Kakadu National Park, we headed west to the smaller Litchfield National Park.  In Litchfield there are a number of gorgeous waterfalls, swimming holes and hikes through the rainforest.  We hiked past hundreds of resting bats trying to keep cool by fanning themselves with their wings, saw an unprecedented number of kookaburras and swam in two natural pools – one of which we had completely to ourselves because we arrived there at 6:30 a.m. before the crowds.  As we had entered into crocodile territory there were also plenty of crocodile warning signs around but we had been told that, for now, it was safe to swim.  This park is also home to some exotic termite hills including the magnetic termite hills built from east to west so as to receive the least amount of sun during the day and some of the biggest termite hills we’ve seen in all of Australia.  Litchfield was our last scenic stop before arriving in Darwin.