Birds of Western Australia

One of the things that has most surprised and impressed us in Australia is the variety of birds that can be found everywhere you look.  The most common pigeons and crows have strange patterns, unusual features like white eyes or some interesting colour combination.  The birds photographed here are generally not rare or shy and make fantastic subjects.

The Blue-winged Kookaburra is a type of kingfisher with the characteristic dramatic beak and and beautiful blue iridescent wings.

Early on in our trip we stopped by a beach where there were dozens of pelicans, cormorants and other waterbirds.

We stopped at a roadhouse in the middle of the desert to fill up gas.  There were four beautiful peacocks that wandered through and seemed completely indifferent to being photographed.

This Australian magpie was after our breakfast on our first day camping and everytime we chased him away he would display the interesting black and white pattern of his wings.

This red spinifex pigeon did not seem to want to fly and would allow me to get very close before scrambling away to find another patch of ground to peck.

These birds were hanging out by the hundreds where we found the pelicans.