The gorges of Karijini

The wine-red soil and yellow bushes of Karijini National Park make a colourful foreground for numerous plunging gorges.  We spent our first day in the park visiting the massive Dales gorge on a four-hour hike both into the gorge itself and along the rim.  The second day we took our 2-wheel drive van on 90km of corrugated dirt road to get to and from Hancock gorge.  The landscape absolutely made up for the abuse suffered by the van (and our ears from it’s apocalyptic rattling).  At one point during this walk the walls of the gorge narrow to shoulder width and you can choose to wade through the stream or climb, balancing between the walls.  The steep red walls of Hancock gorge are a rock climber’s paradise and the winding streams are beautiful to photograph.  We got to the gorge early in the morning and had it all to ourselves for the first two hours.