Camping the West Coast

Australia has a reputation for being a very costly country to travel. Food, accommodation and fuel are all more expensive than in Canada but nevertheless it is still possible to see the outback on a (relative) budget. Being five, Daniel, Kati, Cecelia, Nat and I were able to share the cost of renting a van and buying gas between us. We alternate between paying for camping (read: showers and electricity) and pulling off in rest stations by the side of the road. Although camping is cheaper than hostels, the cost can still be anywhere from $7 to $15 per person. We stock up on food whenever we find a cheap grocery store in town and charge our electronics when we stop for showers at roadside gas stations. Crossing the desert regions can be sandy and some of the places we camp can’t really be called comfortable, but no one remembers comfortable experiences anyway. There was one site on the ocean we showed up to at dusk with a cold wind blowing. The window decided it was time to come off the tracks and after unsuccessfully trying to unscrew the side of the door we managed to set in back. The wind was so strong that it blew sand everywhere and made our pasta meal (cooked inside the van) a little crunchy but after missing lunch it was still very tasty.