Exmouth; Diving the Navy Pier

On arriving in Exmouth we immediately signed up for a (very expensive) dive at the Navy Pier and rented some snorkeling equipment to explore Ningaloo reef off the western coast. The reef system is incredibly healthy and so shallow that we got stuck in waist high water at one point with the reef all around us. In the bays there were turtles and groups of large fish feeding, which is almost unheard of in such shallow water. The strong currents and cold water bring nutrients into the reef and the subsequent concentration of fish is phenomenally high.

Navy Pier is considered to be one of the top 10 shore dives in the world for the abundance of life under the water. It is almost guaranteed to see sharks, huge swarms of big-eyed trevally and the resident 440 pound giant grouper who likes to play with divers. On our dive we had several grey nurse sharks (5.5 to 7 feet long) circling us, we saw white-tipped reef sharks, wobygong sharks, moray eels, octopus, nudibranches and dozens of fish species. There were several huge fish including the friendly giant grouper who liked to be tickled under the chin (so we were told).