Australian roadtrip

We arrived in Perth and immediatly began looking for work.  After finding some not so interesting opportunities, we decided that instead of working, we would begin an epic roadtrip.  We will be heading up to Darwin along the west coast, down through the middle of the desert to Uluru (Ayer’s Rock) and end by taking the Great Ocean Road from Adelaide to Melbourne.  If we make it, we will have travelled over 8000 km across Australia, more than the entire distance we’ve covered so far from India to Malaysia.

We met a friendly group of Europeans and are now travelling with a German girl, a Swiss guy and a French girl.  We rented an old van (with 469000km) equipped with a pump sink, a countertop, lots of storage and a cool paint job.  There are five of us in this three seater van (don’t tell the insurance) and so far the west coast of Australia has been beautiful.  We spend the nights at various campsites and the days visiting scenic national parks and observing exotic animals.  Here are some of the things we’ve seen from our hostel door to our current location in Kalberri National Park.