Modern Asia

Asia is on the rise and one of the most fascinating sights in this heavily traditional land is the juxstaposition of the old with the hyper modern.  In India we would see men sitting on carts pulled by bulls passing businessmen in suits working on their laptops while sipping chai at a street stall.  In Vietnam we saw business meetings being conducted while passing around traditional bamboo pipes to smoke tobacco from.  But by far the most modern country we’ve visited on our trip has been Malaysia.  The government is working hard to bring Malaysia into the first world while preserving a tolerant Islamic culture and maintaining the traditions of the diverse cultures under its roof.  We’ve noticed in the people that the English literacy is excellent and that they are curious to interact with us and learn our opinions about their culture.  Malaysia is also working to build industry, infrastructure and education to match or surpass what we have in the West.  The transportation system is one area in which they have much more efficient and affordable transport than at least what we have in Canada.  The architecture in the capital Kuala Lumpur is impressive and the skyline attractive.  Some of the other hyper modern Asian countries include of course Singapore, South Korea and Japan, all of which are examples of Asia outstripping parts of Western Europe and North America in such sections as technology and healthcare.  This trip has been educational and has proven to us that we have as much to learn from Asia as Asia does from the West.