The mix of malay cuisine

On of the things Malaysia is known for is it’s food culture.  There are large populations of Chinese and Indians living in Malaysia who have brought with them the traditional dishes for their own cultures and in every city there are pockets where you can find very authentic Indian and Chinese food.  Malaysia has also developed a distinct cuisine made up of the many ethnic influences from the surrounding cultures.  Some of the herbs commonly found in Malay food are lemongrass, ginger, garlic, kaffir limes and fresh chillies while other common ingredients include coconut milk (for richness) and tamarind paste (for sweet and sour dishes).

We usually begin our day with two popiah, a sort of oversized spring roll stuffed with stir-fried jicama, bean sprouts, lettuce, small cubes of tofu and many other things, or laksa for Nat, a spicy coconut milk based soup.  For lunch we tend to eat vegetable curries and rice served on banana leaves at an Indian restaurant and for dinner, Chinese dim sum with BBQ pork buns, shrimp dumplings and a variety of small, unknown delicacies.  Usually at some point during the day we also stop for a cendol, a bowl of shaved ice with coconut milk, various colourful squishy things and palm sugar being a popular Malay dish.