Phu Quoc Island

We spent the past five days on Phu Quoc, Vietnam’s largest island.  Our beach bungalow was rustic but comfy and beautiful; complete with wine and a relaxing ambiance.  The weather was mostly rainy but we rented a motorbike and chased the good weather around the island.  On one of these outings we came upon a beautiful white sand beach with calm warm water and only lightly developed tourist infrastructure; leaving large sections of the beach free of the fat, sunburnt Russians who so commonly plague Vietnam’s beaches.  On our last night we decided to take a break from our usual $1 Vietnamese dinners to have a lovely three course French meal at a local Bistro.

The weather in this part of the world is turning to rainy season and on a couple of nights we were woken by heavy rain and loud thunderstorms.  Because of this recent development, we decided to hightail our way to the border and cross into the Kingdom of Cambodia!