Saying goodbye to our bike

After a stop-over in Da Lat, the french hill station in the south-central highlands, we descended  some 2000m in altitude to arrive in Ho Chi Minh City.  The drive in was not nearly as terrifying as our exit from Hanoi and, with the help of a friendly woman who showed us the way on her moped, we found the backpacker district with relative ease.  We took a hotel close to the main stretch of foreign tourist infrastructure to have a better chance of selling our bike.

Our second day in the city, we wrote up an ad (blatantly stolen from the people who sold the bike to us), printed it out and hit the streets.  Within two hours we met a friendly couple who were looking to do the trip on just one bike.  Upon seeing our beautiful bike they offered us a $100 deposit and the remaining $200 the next day if we would hold the bike for them.

We sold the bike for the same price we bought it for.  Our expenses have been $50 in gas, $4.50 for an oil change and $46.50 for repairs; a grand total of $101 to cross this beautiful country at our own pace, truly an amazing experience.