Hoi An

We have spent the past week in the port city of Hoi An halfway down the Vietnamese coast.  This city was used by traders from China, Japan and France and has aquired a distinct fusion architecture that is very beautiful.  The city is also well known for its custom clothes and local food. Vietnam is one of the best countries to get clothes made cheaply so for my 23rd birthday I had a silk dress tailor-made for 30$.  We have also been sampling the local specialties which include Cau Lao (a doughy noodle dish with fresh herbs and pork) and White Rose (a ground shrimp wonton in sweet sauce).  The city is also 4km from a white sand beach that stretches on for dozens of kilometers up the coast.  By motorcycle it is easy to find an empty stretch between the major cities.  Tomorrow we will move on heading back inland to follow the Ho Chi Minh highway again and to get off the tourist trail.