Sweet, salty, spicy, sour

Of all the things we enjoyed in Thailand, the cuisine took the cake.  Thai food, though bold and powerful, is remarkably well balanced.  Cooking is a big part of Thai culture.  There are food stands virtually everywhere and you will never see a Thai eating alone as meals are a social event.  Every city has a day and a night market offering a variety of different dishes along with fresh produce, meat and an assortment of fried delights.

Thai food is heavily influenced by Chinese cuisine, as apparent in the ever present noodle and rice dishes and the particular taste for pork.  The other major influence comes from India resulting in a version of curry that’s predominately coconut based.  The Thais are a fan of excessive flavouring.  When you first arrive the spicy is too spicy, the fish sauce too fishy and the sweets far too sweet, but when you stay and eat you come to love it.