Temples of ancient Thailand

Over the past four days Nat and I have been visiting historical towns in central Thailand on our way north to Chiang Mai.  We visited Ayutthaya, the former capital of Thailand, and are now in the small town of Lopburi.  This town is the home of a troupe of several hundred mischievous monkeys.  They even have their own temple (called the monkey temple) where they spend their time socially grooming each other and trying to steal food and cameras from visitors.  I had two jump on me while trying to photograph them and one the day before when I had been carrying a drink.  Although the food stealing is annoying, the monkeys here are far less aggressive than the Macaques in India.  Their teeth are not as sharp and they have fingernails like us as opposed to claws.  The younger monkeys mostly just seem curious about people walking through ‘their’ temple.