Not so Lonely Beach

We decided to take a detour to Ko Chang (a large multi-beach island near the Cambodian border) to recuperate from our 5 months in India.  We stayed on Lonely Beach, the supposed backpacker hangout.  It wasn’t necessarily as relaxing as we anticipated since the island has been taken over by westerners and is replete with loud clubs, tattoo parlors and go-go bars.  Our first beach hut was right beside one of these clubs blasting loud techno and bad top 40 music into the night but we managed to find a hut closer to the beach on our second day.  The beach was nice but busy with warm tropical water that was great for swimming.  We had one nice night where we met a guy from the Canary Islands who was sleeping in a banyan tree by the water.  He had caught some crabs earlier that day and Nat cooked some coconut noodles over an open wood fire under the stars.