Last day in India

Tomorrow we fly out of Kolkata a head to Bangkok, Thailand for the next leg of our trip.  But first we wanted to summarize a bit about our experiences in this incredibly diverse country.

On the 16th of September we arrived in Mumbai.  At the beginning, all our western notions about how things should be came into conflict with what we saw around us: traffic laws are virtually non-existent, the price on the price tag is always negotiable and animals are an integral part of everyday activities like driving around the cart pulled by a bull on your way to work.  We learned to ignore all written signs and take cues from the crowd instead.  The Indian culture forces you to interact and get involved with the people around you.  You always have to ask someone where the bus is going or what platform the train is leaving from.  India has a way of poking you out of your shell.

Some of the most important things we learned were how to relax and take everything in stride.  We learned (through trial and error) how not to get ripped off and how to stand up for ourselves.  Overall, India has provided us with the tools to travel and exposed us to a different way of living.

Here is a map of where we spent our time in India: