Temples of Khajuraho

We stopped for four days in Khajuraho, better known as the home of the 11th century erotic art temples.  The temples were built between the 9th and 11th century A.D. by a number of Rajput kings who broke off from their overlords to form their own kingdom of Chandela.  Under their rule, art, poetry, dance and other cultural elements flourished.

Apart from the beautiful temples, the town itself was very annoying.  There’s too many foreign tour groups and too much international attention for such a small town.  Subsequently everyone in the village was trying to sell us things or just blatantly asking for money.  The worst were the small children who, instead of going to school, would follow the white people and beg for money.  You could not leave the hotel without being hassled and even within our guesthouse the owner would try to sell us cards, tours, rickshaws, books, cds and body massages all at around four times the actual price.  So after visiting the sights we took off on an overnight train to Varanasi.