Border closing ceremony

One more thing we did before coming to Orchha was to go see the India-Pakistan border closing ceremony 30 km from Amritsar.  This ceremony happens every day at around 3:30 and is replete with high-stepping, glaring, chanting, cheering, hilarious outfits and the most literal peacocking you’ve ever seen.  On the Indian side the soldiers wear red outfits with a fanned headpiece and extentions on their boots to make them look taller and make their high kicking more dramatic.  All of them got really into the ceremony and some were literally quivering with patriotic rage.  The massive crowd would cheer “Hindustan zindabad!” (“Long live India!”) every time a soldier would march to the border.  At the end of the ceremony, the flags were lowered across each other, the soldiers from both countries shook hands and the gates were slammed shut.