On the road to Orchha

From Amritsar we took a local bus to Chandigar (also in the Punjab) thinking that it would be equally as interesting.  Unfortunately, Chandigar is something like a series of strip malls in a very organized grid.  It is the most boring city in India so far and on top of that the hotels are very expensive.  We left as soon as we could and jumped on a bus to Delhi.

Staying in Delhi was like living in an ashtray.  It is considered by many to be the world’s the most polluted city and we certainly felt this claim to be justified.  The smog started from an hour outside the city and became worse and worse until the entire sky was grey and the air smelled (and tasted) like burning plastic, fuel and human waste.  Between the pollution, the black mold in our hotel and the dead rats on the street, we decided to leave immediately and took a train the following afternoon to Jhansi which we used as a stop-over before heading to Orchha.

Orchha is a small peaceful town in Madhya Pradesh (the central most province in India).  There are many beautiful temples, forts and palaces here dating back to the 17th century.  We have already met a number of locals and the feeling is considerably friendlier than our previous stop-overs.  We’ve been here for two days and we feel like we’ll stay much longer.