McLeod Ganj 2

One week later and we are still in McLeod Ganj.  We are really enjoying the mountains and when we were told that the cherry trees will be blossoming again soon and that the Dalai Lama in going to be giving a teaching translated into English, we decided to stay a little longer.  We’ve met a lot of nice people and had lots of good food the past little while and today I’m going to look at the possibility of taking a couple sitar lessons in the next village over.

McLeod Ganj is really a very beautiful town.  Every morning we watch the eagles swooping close by our hotel terrace and at night we watch the sun setting on the mountain peaks.  It’s very peaceful here and infused with Tibetan culture (I write this sitting beside two Tibetan monks).  The vendors here are not pushy, the artwork is beautiful, the people are friendly and the atmosphere is calm and relaxed.