We arrived in Rishikesh a few days ago and are currently staying in an ashram for 250 rupees a night (about 2.80$ each).  Because we are staying more than 5 days in this ashram we also get two free hatha yoga classes a day.  Rishikesh is a small city that runs along both sides of the Ganges river.  It is much less expensive than the cities we visited before and for food an accomodation we are living on about 10.30$ a day.

Yesterday we took a long walk to see a waterfall and after hiking for about an hour strait uphill, we found a small group of people building a hous

e who told us we’d missing the fork to the waterfall about halfway up.  We finally found it and on our way back down came across some school children who were hikeing up the humid, rainforest path.  We decided they must live up in the settlement at the top and make this hike every day to school and back.  We took a small bus back to Rishikesh that drove along the side of a cliff and had a wonderful view of the Ganges and the Himalayan foothills.